REAPER Note Maps for Toontrack drum libraries

This is a collection of MIDI note maps for Cockos's "REAPER" sequencer software and Toontrack Music's drum library VST instruments.

[ download (83kb zip) ]

They were created to help speed up and simplify the process of editing and composing drum parts in REAPER.

There are four note maps for each library: default, renamed, unique, and minimal. All of them use Toontrack's default MIDI mapping scheme, which is partially based on the GM Drums standard. The "unique" and "minimal" note maps also prioritize the GM Drums standard over a more logical grouping of each kit piece.

For more details on the hows, whys, and whats, check out the included readme.txt!

Libraries covered:

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The visual note map spreadsheet on Google Docs! (it's colorful!!!)
Google docs spreadsheet
Google docs HTML

Note maps and spreadsheet created by jeff alexander. Pretty much everything else is very likely to be Toontrack, Platinum Samples, or Cockos's copyrights and whatnot. Props to Notepad++.